4 Ways to Increase Attendance at HOA Meetings

4 Ways to Increase Attendance at HOA Meetings

People living in HOA communities make up 29% of the U.S. population. So why is it so hard to get them to attend an HOA meeting?

See, not attending HOA meetings is detrimental to everyone. Homeowners may miss key information discussed at the meeting. The HOA board will struggle to propose a budget, conduct elections, and take votes on matters.

The solution: make more people show up for these meetings! Here are four tips that will help you engage your HOA community!

1. Pick the Right Time and Place

Some HOA groups' governing documents specify the exact meeting dates. If this doesn't apply to your group, pick a time that most people agree on.

It's best to schedule the meeting in the evening, during the weekend. That's particularly true if your group contains both parents and young professionals. Consider surveying your members to see what works for them.

When picking a venue, choose one close to the community to reduce travel times. Your venue will also need to be big enough for all members. Some residents may bring kids, so have a playroom for them as well.

2. Promote Thoroughly

One big reason why people don't attend HOA meetings is ignorance. Make sure your residents know about the meetings by advertising them.

Depending on your state laws, you should be able to promote meetings via email, letter, or in person. Use all these methods and send notice at least 30 days in advance. Post the announcement on the notice board as well.

Other than the date and time, your notice should include the contents of the meeting. If possible, note how long the meeting will take. That way, your attendees will know what to expect and how to prepare.

3. Take Concerns Seriously

One of the best ways to increase participation at HOA meetings is to make them useful for attendees. This includes listening to their concerns.

Sure, some homeowners only attend meetings to mingle. However, some of them will have legitimate concerns. By making them feel validated, you're increasing the odds of them coming back to future gatherings.

Before the meeting, conduct a brief poll to collect resident concerns. If it makes sense, incorporate them into the agenda. Consider investing in HOA management services to help you deal with any grievances.

4. Streamline the Meeting

As far as community engagement tips go, making meetings shorter is always a good bet. Very few people will want to spare three hours on a meeting.

The best way to streamline the meeting is to stick to your agenda. This will help you avoid unnecessary branching into irrelevant topics. If the meeting takes more than an hour, include a few short breaks throughout.

On top of shortening the meeting, you can also make it seem shorter. Order some pizza, put a game on in the background, or incorporate a raffle. That said, don't let fun activities take away from the job at hand.

Improving Your HOA Meetings

If homeowners skip HOA meetings, they usually do so because they don't see them as important. Do your best to change their mind!

If these tips don't end up increasing attendance, try consulting professionals. Our experts at PMI Mountain West can help! Contact us here to learn more about our community-building services.